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Xtreme Numb 30 Gram Jar

Xtreme Numb 30 Gram Jar

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Topical Numbing Cream
Local analgesic, anesthetic, and antipuritic
Active Ingredients:
*Benzocaine 20%  *Lidocaine 5%  *Tetracaine 4%

Has many uses: tattooing, tattoo removal, permanent make up application, waxing, piercing

Xtreme NUMB contains no preservatives and has a shelf life of 6 months.

Must follow directions for maximum effects, product takes up to 90 minutes for full effects to be felt.


Xtreme Numb 30 Gram Jar rateXtreme Numb 30 Gram Jar rateXtreme Numb 30 Gram Jar rateXtreme Numb 30 Gram Jar rateXtreme Numb 30 Gram Jar rate

Technical Information 

                          1.                         Wash the area receiving treatment with soap and water.  Dry area completely.

                          2.                         Apply a thick amount of numbing cream to the area and  rub in thoroughly.

                          3.                         Place an additional, thin layer of cream over the area.

                          4.                         Cover the cream with plastic wrap (saran wrap). The heat  under the plastic wrap helps activate the cream and       
                                                      keeps the cream from drying off. 

                          5.                         Leave the plastic wrap on until it is removed by the  professional before the procedure.

                                       Tips & Warnings: Leave the cream on the skin longer for better result. Don't remove the saran wrap until you feel the numbing effect.

Apply before injection or tattooing process as directed.  Results are obtained in as little as 15 minutes; however, for best results apply 1 hour prior to procedure.  Numbing results vary with factors such as procedure type, color of skin, thickness of skin, skin sensitivity and acceptance to the active ingredients. 

For external use only.  Do not apply near eyes, in ears or on open wounds.  If this happens, rinse thoroughly with water.  Do not use in large quantities, this could result in adverse events consistent with excessive systemic absorption including seizures, cardiac arrhythmias and methemoglobinemia.  Not for use during pregnancy, nursing, or on individuals with severe liver disease.  Keep out of reach of children.  In the event of an allergic reaction, toxicity or accidental ingestion, seek medical assistance or contact poison control center immediately.

Adverse events consistent with high systemic exposure to these products include seizures and cardiac arrhythmias.  Specifically, risk of systemic adverse events from tetracaine products includes (1) a systemic allergic response to p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) which, at worst, could lead to cardiac arrest; or (2) excessive systemic absorption following repetitive or extensive application, which could ultimately lead to convulsions.  Tetracaine is associated with a higher incidence of allergic reactions than other anesthetics, such as lidocaine.  The risk of systemic toxicity is greatest in small children and in patients with pre-existing heart disease.  Factors that may increase systemic exposure are time and surface area of the exposure.  Benzocaine has an additional toxicity not seen in lidocaine, methemoglobinemia, an acquired decrease in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells.  Further, patients with severe hepatic disease are at great risk of developing toxic plasma concentrations of local anesthetics because of their inability to metabolize them.

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